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Improving Safety of Electric Vehicle Batteries through the Use of Ceramic Fiber Aerogel Insulation

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As the demand for electric vehicles (EVs) continues to soar, ensuring the safety and performance of power batteries becomes increasingly critical. In this context, ceramic fiber aerogel felt has emerged as an innovative solution for thermal insulation and protection. Its outstanding properties and performance make aerogel insulation materials highly suitable for providing superior heat resistance, flame retardancy, and thermal runaway protection to batteries in EVs. This article aims to highlight the remarkable features of ceramic fiber aerogel felt and its application in enhancing the safety and efficiency of power batteries.

Ceramic Fiber Aerogel Felt Performance:

1. Maximum Operating Temperature: Ceramic fiber aerogel felt exhibits an impressive maximum operating temperature of 650℃, enabling it to endure high thermal loads and ensure stability and performance even under extreme conditions.

2. Density: The density of ceramic fiber aerogel felt is 280±30kg/m3, providing lightweight insulation that effectively safeguards against heat while maintaining optimal thermal protection.

3. Thermal Conductivity: Ceramic fiber aerogel felt possesses remarkably low thermal conductivity, delivering excellent insulation performance across a wide range of temperatures. It complies with the following standards:

  - ≤0.023W/m\*K@25℃ (GB/T 10295-2008)

  - ≤0.030W/m\*K@100℃ (GB/T 10294-2008)

  - ≤0.036W/m\*K@300℃

  - ≤0.072W/m\*K@500℃

4. Combustion Level: Ceramic fiber aerogel felt achieves A Level combustion performance according to GB/T 8624-2012 and meets the V0 requirements specified in UL94-2013 standards, ensuring enhanced flame retardancy.

5. Hydrophobicity: With a hydrophobicity rating of over 98% (GB/T10299-2011), ceramic fiber aerogel felt exhibits excellent water repellency, effectively maintaining its insulation properties even in wet environments.

6. Biosecurity: Ceramic fiber aerogel felt complies with various biosafety requirements, such as RoHS/REACH/ELV, ensuring adherence to environmental and health safety standards.

7. Burn-through Resistance: Ceramic fiber aerogel felt demonstrates exceptional resistance to burn-through. It can withstand outer flame burning from a butane spray gun for over 120 minutes at a thickness of 3mm.

8. Insulation Effect: The insulation effect of ceramic fiber aerogel felt is remarkable. It can achieve minimum temperatures of:

  - 1mm: Min≥385℃

  - 2mm: Min≥440℃

  - 3mm: Min≥495℃

  - 4mm: Min≥520℃


Application in Electric Vehicle Batteries:

Ceramic fiber aerogel insulation sheets find extensive application in electric vehicle batteries and modules, offering the following benefits:

1. Thermal Insulation: By effectively minimizing heat transfer, ceramic fiber aerogel felt ensures optimal temperature control within power batteries, thereby enhancing their performance and extending their lifespan.

2. Shock Absorption: The insulation sheets provide cushioning and absorb mechanical stress and vibrations during vehicle operation, effectively protecting the batteries from damage.

3. Flame Retardant: With excellent flame retardancy, ceramic fiber aerogel insulation prevents the spread of fire, thereby safeguarding the batteries and surrounding components.

4. Thermal Runaway Protection: The outstanding thermal insulation properties of ceramic fiber aerogel felt act as a barrier between battery cells, effectively preventing the spread of thermal runaway and minimizing the risk of catastrophic failures.

Meeting Performance Requirements:


Ceramic fiber aerogel insulation sheets for power batteries must meet specific performance requirements, including:

1. Temperature Control: The cold side of the sample should not exceed 180°C, ensuring safe operating temperatures.

2. Vertical Burn: The insulation sheets should meet the V0 requirements specified in GB/T 2408, thereby ensuring high flame retardancy.

3. Compression Ratio: The sheets should withstand a compression ratio of not less than 35% under 2Mpa pressure, maintaining their insulation performance under mechanical stress.

4. Tensile Strength: The length and width directions of the insulation sheets should have a tensile strength of not less than 500Kpa, ensuring durability and longevity.

5. Insulation Properties: The surface thermal resistivity should be greater than 500MΩ, and the leakage rate should be less than 1mA, guaranteeing reliable insulation performance.

6. Prohibited and Restricted Substances: The insulation sheets should comply with Directive 2011/65/EU, ensuring the absence of prohibited or restricted substances.

7. Aging Resistance: After aging, the insulation sheets should exhibit a tensile strength attenuation rate of not exceeding 30% and a dimensional change rate less than 1%. Additionally, theheat insulation performance should meet the specified requirements.


Ceramic fiber aerogel insulation materials offer exceptional thermal insulation, flame retardancy, and thermal runaway protection for power batteries in electric vehicles. With their impressive performance characteristics and compliance with stringent safety standards, these aerogel insulation sheets provide an effective solution to enhance the safety, efficiency, and longevity of power batteries. By incorporating ceramic fiber aerogel felt into the design of electric vehicles, manufacturers can ensure optimal thermal management, protect against potential hazards, and contribute to the advancement of the electric vehicle industry.

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