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Founded in 2005, Fuqiang Entity today employs over 480 people operating out of 7 plants in China, and headquarter in Fuzhou, Fujian Province, branches in Chongqing , Tianjing, Foshan, Wuhan and enjoying 
domestic recognition. Fuzhou Fuqiang Precision Co.,Ltd. is the first company of Fuqiang Entity.
Through partnership with the world’s largest OEM, Tier 1 automotive suppliers we are committed to offer extruded rubber products, molded rubber products and die cut products with completed engineered solutions. Bespoke Sealing, shock absorption, sound absorption solutions for automotive.
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MPP Foam Is An Excellent Choice for Absorbing High Temperatures in New Energy Battery Thermal Pads

Microcellular Polypropylene (MPP) foam has become an excellent solution to managing thermal energy in brand new batteries. Due to its ability to withstand extreme temperatures and function as a heat pad, MPP foam offers many advantages that make it perfect for battery applications. In this article w

Silicone Foam in The Drive for Sustainable Transportation: A Key Material for New Energy Vehicles

As new energy vehicles (NEVs) continue their rapid ascent, driven by environmental concerns and technological innovation, the role of advanced materials cannot be underestimated. Among these, silicone foam stands out for its ability to enhance performance and efficiency in electric vehicles (EVs), m

Innovative Methods for Sealing And Thermal Management in Battery Packs

Today's technology-driven world places an immense emphasis on battery systems' efficiency and durability, two factors which significantly affect their performance: sealing effectiveness and thermal management efficiency. This article investigates current innovations and practices within these areas.

FuQiang's Silicone Foam Compaction Pads for Electric Vehicles (EVs): Enhancing Battery Longevity and Ensuring Li-ion Safety

Introduction: The electric vehicle (EV) market has experienced tremendous expansion over recent years, selling over 1.5 million EVs last year alone. Global sales of New Energy Vehicles are projected to hit 20 million by 2024 - showing great promise for these eco-friendly cars! However, performance,

High-tech Enterprise Certification
 Award the title of Outstanding Supplier by Fuyao Group
 Passed IATF16949:2016 Certification & ISO14000/OHSAS18000 Certification


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Customized automotive sealing, shock absorption and sound absorption solutions.
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