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MPP Polypropylene Microcellular Foam Power Battery Cushioning and Insulation Solution

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With the rapid development and popularization of electric vehicles, the power battery, as its core component, plays a crucial role in the performance and safety of electric vehicles. In order to improve the performance and lifetime of battery packs, MPP polypropylene microcellular foams are widely used in cushioning and thermal insulation solutions for power batteries. In this article, we will introduce the application of MPP between battery modules, between cells and inside the case, and the key role it plays.

First, let's look at the application of MPP between battery modules. In the assembly process of battery modules, due to the limitation of assembly precision, there will be a certain thickness tolerance between modules. These tolerances can lead to gaps between modules, which in turn affects thermal management and battery performance.MPP, as a material with good elasticity and thermal insulation properties, can be used as a cushioning and insulation layer between modules. It can fill the gaps between modules, compensate for assembly thickness tolerances, provide stable structural support, and effectively isolate heat transfer to improve the thermal management of the battery pack.


Secondly, MPP also plays an important role between battery cells. As the basic unit of the battery pack, the tight connection between the cells is crucial to the performance and safety of the battery, and MPP can be used as a filler material between the cells to compensate for assembly thickness tolerances and provide the appropriate preload force required. This helps maintain good contact between the cells, reducing internal contact resistance and improving the performance stability of the entire battery pack. In addition, MPP has good flame retardant properties, which improves the safety performance of the battery pack and reduces the risk of fire.

Finally, the application of MPP inside the case should not be neglected. The case is the protective shell of the battery pack, which has an important impact on the buffering and shock absorption, heat insulation and impact resistance of the battery.MPP, as a kind of lightweight and high-strength material, can be used in the bottom guard plate, dummy cell and case end plate, etc. It can effectively alleviate the impact of external shock on the battery pack. It can effectively mitigate the impact of external shocks on the battery and provide good shock absorption; at the same time, it has good thermal insulation properties, which can reduce heat dissipation and improve the energy efficiency of the battery pack.

In summary, MPP polypropylene microcellular foam has an important role in power battery cushioning and insulation solutions. Whether it is between battery modules, between cells or inside the box, MPP can provide stable structural support, compensate for assembly thickness tolerances, and have excellent thermal insulation and impact resistance. These properties help improve the thermal management effectiveness, performance stability and safety of power battery packs. As the electric vehicle market continues to expand, MPP, as a reliable and advanced material, will be used in the power battery field MPP Polypropylene Microcellular Foam Power Battery Cushioning and Insulation Solutions.

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