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MPP Foam Is An Excellent Choice for Absorbing High Temperatures in New Energy Battery Thermal Pads

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Microcellular Polypropylene (MPP) foam has become an excellent solution to managing thermal energy in brand new batteries. Due to its ability to withstand extreme temperatures and function as a heat pad, MPP foam offers many advantages that make it perfect for battery applications. In this article we'll look more closely at MPP foam's potential as a thermal pad in modern batteries.


Understanding MPP Foam:

Microcellular Polypropylene (MPP) foam is a unique type of polypropylene foam with tiny voids within its closed cells that typically range between 10 micrometers and several micrometers in size, distinguishing itself by featuring pores of 100 micrometers or fewer, and densities exceeding 109 pores/cm3. Due to these unique characteristics, MPP foam provides an excellent thermal management solution.

Key Features of MPP Foam as a Thermal Pad:

MPP foam boasts many desirable characteristics that make it the ideal material for creating thermal pads for energy batteries, particularly ones capable of withstanding high temperatures:

MPP stands out with superior thermal insulation capabilities, boasting low thermal conductivity of only 0.04 W/m*K to offer outstanding heating control and protection against high temperatures for battery performance. MPP maintains constant operating temperatures under extreme heat conditions to provide constant battery performance.


2. MPP foam's unique ability to absorb and disseminate heat efficiently makes it a perfect heating pad in hot conditions, protecting from battery damage due to thermal radiation as well as dispersing excess heat generated from batteries. Incorporating this much extra heat while protecting batteries against thermal stress is critical in order to guarantee their security and longevity.

3. Compact and Lightweight MPP Foam MPP foam is an extremely light material with low density that makes it suitable for applications requiring weight, such as battery technology. Furthermore, its compact shape enables easy integration without adding unnecessary bulk or weight to batteries.

4. MPP Foam boasts outstanding temperature resistance, operating between 50degC-110degC for optimal thermal management of batteries. Its stable temperature ensures effective thermo-management systems even under extreme heat conditions and ensures its effectiveness as an efficient battery cooler.

5. Energy Dissipation: MPP foam has multiple characteristics that enable it to disperse energy effectively, from absorbing and dispersing battery energy through to helping avoid thermal runaway, thus increasing security and safety.


Foam insulation plays a pivotal role in managing battery thermal issues:

Electrical vehicles and energy storage systems produce considerable heat during operation, necessitating an efficient thermal management system to safeguard their performance, prolong battery lifespan and ensure security. MPP foam's ability to absorb heat makes it essential for this method, helping ensure an ideal temperature by:

MPP foam efficiently dissipates heat from batteries to prevent overheating and maintain the optimal operating temperature.

2. Thermal barriers serve as a protective shield between batteries and sources of heat, helping reduce temperature fluctuations while safeguarding them against stress caused by excessive temperatures.

3. MPP foam offers cushioned protection from impact, shielding batteries from shocks or vibrations which may compromise their performance or safety.


Microcellular polypropylene (MPP) foam provides numerous advantages that make it an ideal option for thermal pad use in modern energy battery technology. These benefits include energy absorption and thermal insulation capabilities along with its light structure, resistance to temperature fluctuations and energy dissipation characteristics and also its resistance to energy dissipation features - all which contribute towards improving storage of energy as well as efficient management. Considering its versatility for use across a range of energy applications MPP foam has the ability to enhance security, performance and longevity for battery applications as well.

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