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Custom Copper Braided Wire Tinned Copper Wire

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Custom Copper Braided Wire Tinned Copper Wire

Flat copper braided wire is used  for electrical equipment,

electricity equipment, elecronic railway

Net electricity, electricla switches,

industrial furnace, batteries and other soft connecting wire.

It`s made by high purity cathode copper rod , the tinned type is made by electrolytic or electric tin plating process, which has high corrosion resistance


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Product Advantage

1. There is no discoloration and dissolution on the plating after high-temperature aging; and the high-temperature aging conditions of 155ºC 16H, 170ºC 4H, 180ºC 2H, 200ºC 1H and so on can be arbitrarily selected.

2. The weldability is excellent; the ferrochrome soldering, wave soldering and reflow soldering can be arbitrarily satisfied.

3. The plating is bright, smooth, uniform and moist; and the binding force and continuity is good.

4. The mechanical properties can be privately customized, to ensure stable and reliable application in the different conditions.

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